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February 27, 2017
Kentwood Rack
Kentwood- The “Safe” Engineered Hardwood
March 14, 2017

PurParket Engineered Hardwood


There is no doubt that there is an almost endless number of engineered hardwood floors available on the market today. It is a monumental task for the typical client (and even for some industry professionals) to determine what is a quality-made, and healthy-for-their-home hardwood floor.

Ethical Flooring is very proud to partner with PurParket, one of the few companies who are making engineered hardwood flooring available that is VOC free (Volatile Organic Compound), CARB Phase II Compliant and FSC 100% Certified. And unlike some of the hardwood manufacturers on the market, they are also able to provide the documents to back up these claims.

For more information and for some great inspiration, visit their website at www.purparket.com

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