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January 14, 2020
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February 8, 2020
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CRAFT Hickory Evora

When CRAFT first came up with the idea for Evora, we wanted to create a floor that would be light in colour and work well with contemporary design concepts, but at the same time convey the natural shapes and patterns that result from the interplay of Hickory’s heartwood and sapwood.

The secret to Evora’s beauty lies in its carefully selected grain pattern. Each hickory plank must have a majority of heartwood, with sapwood content ranging from minimal to approaching half the board.

As a result, Evora’s organic linear patterns of light, and natural wood tones express a sophisticated interpretation of the unique patterns inherent to the hickory species. Perfect for creating an natural oasis.

Thanks to its carefully selected grain pattern and colour, Evora expresses a personality that readily brings the beauty of natural elements into a modern setting.

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