Healthier Choice Carpet Underlay

Healthier Choice Carpet Underlay

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Looking for the highest-quality, lowest VOC-emitting underlay to pair with your upcoming carpet installation with Ethical Flooring? Consider Healthier Choice carpet underlay!

Healthier Choice Memory Foam Carpet Cushion is simply the world’s best carpet cushion. Bringing you the best of all – luxurious comfort, safety and sustainability, all in a high quality, durable cushion that will help your carpet look better and last longer. At the core of Healthier Choice’s cushion is a patented technology known as visco-elastic frothed polyurethane foam. This truly unique foam has the ability to resist crushing even after years of extended use, providing your carpet with the long-lasting support it needs.

Unlike other carpet pads that are made from recycled low density mattress foams, Healthier Choice cushion is made of 100% High Density Memory Foam, which offers a luxurious feel under foot while providing the support your carpet needs.

Infused with Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial to prevent unpleasant odors, staining and deterioration of the underlayment by inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

The only carpet cushion to be awarded the UL GreenGuard® Gold Certification for indoor air quality as an extremely low VOC emitting product. Does not contain harmful chemicals such as PBDE, BHT, Formaldahyde, or Triclosan.

Made in part with soybean oil and natural minerals, which help to reduce the use of fossil fuels while supporting sustainable alternatives. 100% Post Consumer Recyclable. Contributes to LEED Credits.

Healthier Choice carpet underlay’s dense, micro-cellular structure absorbs every step by acting like millions of tiny shock absorbers, allowing your carpet to look newer and last longer. The cushion takes the impact so your carpet does not have too.

The Appearance Retention Warranty for any brand of residential carpet is instantly doubled when installed over Healthier Choice Carpet Cushion. This saves you money by allowing your carpet to last longer.

Carpet installed over Healthier Choice carpet underlay is easier to clean and shows greater soil removal in both vacuuming and hot water extraction tests.

A revolutionary Breathable Moisture Barrier Skin that blocks liquid spills from penetrating down into the cushion while allowing vapor to escape.

Learn more by visiting the Healthier Choice Website

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