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February 21, 2020
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March 2, 2020
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Turning Plastic Bottles Into Carpet?

Did you know that each square yard of Mohawk’s EverStrand and EverStrand Soft Appeal contains, on average, 63 reclaimed plastic bottles? Mohawk is committed to making a positive impact on the earth. That’s why we developed our innovative Continuum process, which diverts plastic bottles from landfills and turns them into fibers for carpets like EverStrand and EverStrand Soft Appeal.

One of the world’s leading recyclers of plastic bottles, Mohawk has recycled more than 40 billion plastic bottles since starting the Continuum process. In 2019 alone, Mohawk recycled 6.6 billion plastic bottles—enough to wrap around the earth more than 33 times.

Watch the video below to learn more about Mohawk’s plastic bottle recycling program.