Northern Wide Plank in Vancouver

Northern Wide Plank in Vancouver

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Ethical Flooring is the exclusive showroom for Northern Wide Plank engineered hardwood in the Vancouver area. If you are in the market for made-in-Canada luxury hardwood flooring, Northern Wide Plank and Ethical Flooring are your perfect combination!

Northern Wide Plank is the premium hardwood offering in the Ethical Flooring showroom. A significant amount of our hardwood showroom is dedicated to the line, and it is well worth it! Our clients understand the quality of the Northern Wide Plank hardwood from the moment they see the display system.

The Search for a New Partner

When Ethical Flooring went looking for a supplier of luxury hardwood, we had a few primary criteria that had to met. First, we wanted to find something that was made in Canada or Europe. Second, we wanted a product that would “wow” the design community with its beauty. Third, we needed a product whose fit and finish was up to the exacting standards that our clients expect. Fourthly, we wanted a floor whose technical specifications were exceptional. And finally, we desired a product that could be obtained in a quicker time than the standard 8-10 weeks of some of the high-end European hardwood products.

We are pleased to have found a hardwood supplier which met all of our criteria, and we quickly developed a deep relationship with them, so that together we could bring their fantastic product to more of the Vancouver -area market.

The Details

On our first criteria, regarding the sourcing of the product, all of the Northern Wide Plank products come from either Canada or Europe. The country of origin depends on the collection, so if this is important to you, please ask your Ethical Flooring project manager.

Secondly, the colour range developed by Northern Wide Plank through the use of their natural oils is simply second-to-none. This is not a basic hardwood with some stain applied; these are hand-crafted works of art that no standard stain-and-polyurethane floor can mimic.

Thirdly, the fit and finish of the product has been fantastic. It is actually quite difficult to find hardwood manufacturers who can, or are willing to, create hardwood floors up to the standard that some clients in Vancouver demand. We are happy to report that Northern Wide Plank is, and we have had no milling or quality issues to date.

Regarding technical specifications, this is where hardwood specialists like the team at Ethical Flooring get really excited! The floors available from Northern Wide Plank are simply fantastic. Starting with the core, the plywood used is absolutely stunning. This is important, because an engineered hardwood floor is only as good as the core or “base” it is made from. As well, all the hardwood wear layers (called a “lamella”) are 5mm thick or greater and the overall thickness of the product ranges from 19mm to 21mm, depending on the collection. The board widths available and the overall lengths are also fantastic. Again, depending on the collection, boards are available in widths from 7″ wide all the way up to 11″. And in the Iconic Collection, the board length is up to 144″ (12′). Finally, the ability in some collections to choose from either a Character or Select Grade is a feature that many of our clients appreciate.

On our last criteria, that of supply, we also have good news to report. The typical 8-10 week lead-time to get a high-end engineered hardwood out of Europe has been cut down dramatically. Quite often we can get the flooring from the factory in Ontario in 4-5 weeks; and even sooner if they have the material already in stock. This has been a great advantage when we are fulfilling orders for construction projects on a tight time frame.


Clearly, Ethical Flooring is very pleased with our relationship with Northern Wide Plank. So, if you are interested in luxury engineered hardwood for your upcoming project in the Vancouver area, consider Northern Wide Plank engineered hardwood.

For more information about Northern Wide Plank, and to learn about their unique UV-cured OSMO oil finish, visit their website here:

To book an online video consultation, or private showroom appointment with one of Ethical Flooring’s project managers, please book here via our online calendar:

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