Mirage Hardwood Floors in Vancouver

Mirage Hardwood Floors in Vancouver

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Ethical Flooring is your local provider of Mirage Hardwood Floors in Vancouver, including in North and West Vancouver.

Ethical Flooring’s clients love the clean lines and minimal look of Rift and Quartered White Oak hardwood flooring; especially in a natural look such as this.

There is perhaps no finer supplier of R&Q engineered White Oak hardwood than from our friends and partners Mirage Hardwood Floors! Made 100% in Saint-Georges Quebec, Mirage has a well-earned reputation for creating the most well-made and longest-lasting hardwood floors in the business; a truly world-class hardwood floor made right here in Canada! Have a look at the R&Q options available on their website by clicking here.

A Multitude of Options for your New Mirage Hardwood Floor

One of the best parts about working with Mirage Hardwood is the number of options they offer the client. Because the floors are made-to-order in small batches, the client has the option to tailor the look and specification of their floor to exactly the way they desire it. Almost all products coming from oversees are made in large quantities, with no customization available; in effect “you get what you get”. Not sure with Mirage!

One of the first questions we ask potential clients is what they envision their new floor looking like after it is installed. Do they want a “lively” floor, one which shows all of the natural characteristics of a hardwood tree? Or do they want a cleaner and more minimal look? One without any filled knots or wild colour variation? Thankfully Mirage Hardwood offers Rift and Quarter White Oak in both; in a Character Grade for this who want more movement on the floor, and an Exclusive Grade for those who wish to keep it simple and modest.

In addition to the grading of the hardwood, Mirage also offers you options in regards to the gloss level of the finish. The two most popular options are DURAMATT, for a exceptionally low-gloss, almost natural-oil look. And the other is Cashmere, which is more of a silk-matte finish that has a bit more “glow” to it.

Wire-brushing of white oak hardwoods has become the standard in the hardwood industry. As the name implies, the hardwood gets passed through wire-brushes at the factory level, which scrapes away some of the looser wood and leaves some depth or texture to the grain. As this look is not for everyone, thankfully Mirage Hardwood also offers a smooth-finished floors in their R&Q Collection.

What About Plank Width of Your New Hardwood Floor?

When shopping for a new engineered hardwood floor, a discussion about plank-width is mandatory. Engineered hardwood floors come in plank-widths from 3.5″ wide up to 13″ (and more!). That is quite the range, and the job of the professional sales associate is to help determine the clients wishes and to suggest what will work best in a space. In their Rift & Quarter Collection, Mirage offers floors in either a 5″ width or a 6.5″ width. We have found the 6.5″ width to be very flexible, in that it works well in a number of different design settings; it neither too narrow nor too wide. It may be just right!

In the market for new Mirage Hardwood Floors in Vancouver?

There is very good reasons why Ethical Flooring likes working with Mirage Hardwood Floors. We love that fact that it is Canadian made. Our clients enjoy the number of options available, allowing them to create a floor exactly as they wish. And our installers love Mirage because it has what is likely the best fit-and-finish in the industry; it goes together and installs beautifully! If you are in the market for Mirage hardwood floors in Vancouver, may we suggest you consider Ethical Flooring as your flooring partner? To start the conversation, please book a video consult or private showroom visit via our online calendar visit our website here: https://ethicalflooring.com/book-appointment. Or you can visit our showroom during regular hours by visiting us at 110-2270 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1A8


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