Forbo Marmoleum CinchLoc Click Flooring

Forbo Marmoleum CinchLoc Click Flooring

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Highlighting today Forbo Marmoleum CinchLoc click flooring! Forbo Marmoleum is the only CO2 neutral resilient flooring (from cradle to gate) and the best choice for every sustainable interior.

Improve the world, start with the floor

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials, most of which are harvested as annual crops. Flax plants, which provide the vegetable linseed oil, jute, used for the mesh carrier on which linoleum is calendered and wood flour obtained from the waste material of production forestry, all during their lifetime capture CO2 which is absorbed in the plants and trees that are used to manufacture linoleum.

Forbo Marmoleum is the only CO2 neutral resilient flooring (from cradle to gate) and the best choice for every sustainable interior. By using durable materials in your house, office, school, train, hospital or retail store you can also contribute to a better environment!

The sustainable flooring choice

The art of manufacturing linoleum is a process whereby natural raw materials are mixed and require time to cure and mature before the next production step.

In the 5 weeks, it takes to make linoleum, the energy used predominantly comes into play in the calendaring process and the heat required for the stoves that regulate the drying of the linoleum sheet. Both the Assendelft and Kirkcaldy linoleum plants are modern production environments that operate on 100% green electricity.

Making linoleum is considered an art, which is not learned at any trade or craft school. Determining the correct mixture of ingredients, allowing the right time for raw materials to settle, applying the correct temperature and pressure are skills the experts of Forbo Flooring must master.

The Marmoleum product range is carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral (from cradle to gate) because the natural crops of jute, flax and trees absorb much carbon dioxide and the production process costs little energy. To be able to produce a CO2 neutral floor, that not only lasts for over thirty years but is also bio-degradable at its end of life, is truly unique!

To learn more about Forbo Marmoleum CinchLoc Click Flooring, please visit our showroom at 2270 Dollarton Hwy #110, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1A8

Conversely, to book a free Zoom video consult or to book a personal showroom time, please use our convenient online calendar at


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