The Reality of Renovations

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This week we continue the discussion about the reality of renovations and what surprises may be expected when you start pulling your home apart!

Most clients enter into their renovations with eyes full of excitement; and for good reason! Updating your home is really fun and the transformation of the home at the end of the project is typically stunning.

That being said, most who have gone through a renovation recognize that suprises can happen along the way – and those suprises unfortunately can cost money to fix. With this is mind, it is always wise to have additional funds in reserve to cover these unexpected costs. When a home is being pulled apart, and issues or concerns are found, that is the time to get it fixed properly; and if you have this mindset going into the renovation when the inevitable hiccup does occur you will likely be much less stressed by the situation.

So what kind of suprises can you expect? Well, it is almost impossible to answer that question! Every home is built in a different way, during a certain time in history, by a unique contractor. That being said, being based out of North Vancouver the biggest issue we run into is mold and wet basements. If a home is having water issues, often times it is not visible until existing flooring is removed and/or baseboards are removed. Even though finding mold or excessive moisture can slow down a project and increase its cost, it is definitely something you want to know about your home and have it rectified before the damage proceeds any further!

If you would like to come and speak to any member of the Ethical Flooring team about your upcoming project, including a chance to discuss how long it might take and how much it may cost, you are always welcome to visit our North Vancouver showroom! Details can be found here: Alternatively, if you would like to start the conversation online, or with a dedicated showroom appointment, please book through our convenient online calendar.

To watch the full Fast Facts and Features episode about the reality of renovations, click on the YouTube video below. Thanks for watching!

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