Glue-Down Hardwood Installation

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Engineered hardwood flooring installed with the glue-down method is the most popular installation done by Ethical Flooring. On this episode of Fast Facts and Features we discuss all things glue and hardwood flooring; including how technology has changed the industry.

With the the popularity of in-floor radiant heating in new homes, the concrete slab has become the most common subfloor in the Vancouver housing market. Since only engineered hardwood floors can be installed overtop of a concrete subfloor, these are by far the most popular type of hardwood floors installed. This leaves the flooring contractor with two potential ways to install the engineered hardwood floor: as a floating method or as a full-spread glue-down. Which one should you choose? Although floating floors may be required in most strata condo’s, we believe the glue-down installation method is usually the better option (if possible to use it). For a successful installation, you of course still need a quality installation contractor and quality installation materials; and perhaps nothing is more important than the use of a high-quality glue!

Whether the current real estate market is making you considering selling, buying, or staying put and renovating, we are ready and waiting to help. We have ready access to many high-quality hardwood floors; including Canadian-Made hardwood floors from Mirage, Vintage and Northern Wide Plank. If you would like to come and speak to any member of the Ethical Flooring team about your upcoming project, including a chance to discuss your plans and vision for your project, you are always welcome to visit our North Vancouver showroom! Details can be found here: Alternatively, if you would like to start the conversation online, or with a dedicated showroom appointment, please book through our convenient online calendar.

To watch the full Fast Facts and Features conversation on glue-down hardwood installation, on click on the YouTube video below. Thanks for watching!

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