After Installation care

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This week we discuss how to care for your new floor immediately after installation and over the long term.

Ethical Flooring completes a lot of glue-down engineered hardwood installations. It is important to remember that once the hardwood is “in the glue” it still takes quite a few days for the glue to full harden. During this time the client should walk carefully on the floor and refrain from dragging or moving anything across it. Installations on stairs are even more sensitive and will require you to stay off of the staircase until the glue is fully set. If you have any questions about timeframes and best practices, be sure to reach out to your Ethical Flooring project manager for information about your specific project.

After the glue is hardened and you have taken back possession of your home, what are best practices that you as the client can do? One of the most important things is to place new felt pads underneath any furniture piece or item that will touch the new floor; even things you think will not move or scratch the floor can do so. Another critical item is to keep the floor as clean as possible! This means keeping outdoor shoes at the door – especially important as we are now in the winter season. These three steps: sweeping often; cleaning the floor regularly with the warranty-approved cleaner; and applying felt pads to everything will help tremendously in ensuring a long life for your new floor.

Whether the current real estate market is making you considering selling, buying, or staying put and renovating, we are ready and waiting to help. We have ready access to many high-quality hardwood floors; including Canadian-Made hardwood floors from Mirage, Vintage and Northern Wide Plank. If you would like to come and speak to any member of the Ethical Flooring team about your upcoming project, including a chance to discuss your plans and vision for your project, you are always welcome to visit our North Vancouver showroom! Details can be found here: Alternatively, if you would like to start the conversation online, or with a dedicated showroom appointment, please book through our convenient online calendar.

To watch the full Fast Facts and Features conversation on after installation care, click on the YouTube video below. Thanks for watching!

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