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The premier destination in North Vancouver British Columbia for quality, brand-name flooring.

We offer hardwood flooring, carpet, wool carpet, Marmoleum, cork, vinyl planking, laminate and linoleum from such prestigious brands as Mirage HardwoodKentwoodNorthern Wide PlankCRAFTKarndeanForbo,  ManningtonMohawkTorlysVintage HardwoodGodfrey Hirst and more.

Ethical Flooring is a family-owned and operated retail flooring store based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Our specialty is the supply and installation of brand-name flooring for residential renovations and custom-built homes; in addition we also do work on small-to-medium sized commercial projects, rental properties, as well as offering material-only sales to those with their own installer.

Ethical Flooring provides both the highest quality floors, and the most professional people, in the industry; please browse through the profiles of our team below and learn for yourself what makes us unique.

Our Discovery

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Our Mission

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Established Ethically With Care

Ethical Flooring was started as an experiment to answer a kitchen-table hypothesis we had: if we created a store that sold the highest quality products available in the flooring industry and hired the best sales and installation team we could find, would such a store find a clientelle who would appreciate what we built? All these years later we are pleased to answer this question with a resounding yes! Ethical Flooring has grown year over year as more people from the community come to learn about us and our client-centered approach. From our humble beginning as a small company with a big dream of being the best, we have become a leader in the North Shore flooring industry. With deep gratitude we appreciate you considering Ethical Flooring for your upcoming project; we continue to remember that every client is a gift and worthy to be treated as if they were part of our family. As you interact with our team, we trust this ethos will become apparent to you.

Tanya & Kevin

Ethical Flooring Owners

The Ethical Flooring Team

Bill - Sr. Project Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, there’s not much that Bill hasn’t seen. He has been responsible for running mid to high-end residential and light commercial projects throughout the Lower Mainland since 2006. He thrives on creative challenge, and insists on clear communication, which ensures that your project will run smoothly from concept to completion.

Steve - Project Manager

Uncompromising; this one word summarizes Steve best. His demand for excellence and eye for detail make him a perfect fit at Ethical Flooring. Steve has run countless residential and commercial flooring projects over the years, although he now focuses primarily on the builder and contractor side of the business. If you need flooring for an upcoming job you are working on, contact Steve.

Matt - Project Manager

Thanks to a background in hard-surface flooring installation, Matt brings a unique skillset to the Ethical Flooring project management team. His easy-going demeanour, attention to detail and expert knowledge ensure a satisfying experience when you work with Matt on your project. Matt can help you with all types of installations, with a specific focus on designer-specified projects.

Shelby - Project Manager

With over 13 years of retail and office management experience under her belt, Shelby is a strong leader and a hard worker with a focus on perfection while doing things right the first time. She is honest, driven, and has unwavering goals for herself while striving to empower everyone to live their best lives everyday which shines through as you speak with her. She is always learning new skills to best help those around her and she will go over and above to ensure that those who work with her get everything they are looking for and more.

Brendan - Project Manager

With four years of flooring experience behind him, Brendan came to Ethical Flooring to take on the role of Project Manager. Little did he know when he started in the industry four years ago that he would develop a passion for flooring and for Custom Home Building! His passion along with attention to detail make him a perfect fit for Ethical Flooring. Ethical flooring was built on the idea that trust and transparency come first when doing any type of business. That idea aligned with Brendan's way of thinking and was yet another reason that Ethical Flooring was such a good fit for him. All these things add up to everyone at Ethical Flooring working towards one goal: a happy client and a beautifully finished project. Every time Brendan achieves this he knows it's a job well done!

Connor - Jr. Project Manager

Connor comes to Ethical Flooring from a family-background in sales and is looking forward to pursuing his own career in the field. Connor is a tenacious learner and loves to excel at all things in life. He has been with Ethical Flooring for less than a year, so he is still under the direct supervision of a Senior Project Manager. But based on what we have seen already, we know his future as an independent sales representative is bright!

Tanya - Owner

Tanya owns and operates Ethical Flooring in partnership with her husband Kevin. Since 2005 she has been helping others choose the right flooring for their home. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the products in the showroom as well as keeping the store up to date on trends and styles. If you have any accounting enquiries or customer-service questions, please feel free to contact Tanya.

Kevin - Owner

Kevin owns and operates Ethical Flooring in partnership with his wife Tanya. Kevin has been working in the North Shore flooring industry since 1993; first as a labourer, then as a project manager, next as a store manager, and finally as an owner. Kevin’s primary focus is on business development and client relations, though you may still find him hanging around his favourite place; the showroom. If you have any questions about Ethical Flooring generally or wish to share your experience interacting with us, Kevin is the man to contact.

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