April & May Carpet Sale!

We just got notice that two of our favourite carpet suppliers, Godfrey Hirst and Mohawk are running sales for the remainder of April and all of May!

Godfrey Hirst is our premier supplier of stylish yet affordable wool carpets from New Zealand. They are offering 10% off their entire collection. You can have a look at their collection here: Godfrey Hirst Website or visit us in-store to see it in person. 

Mohawk, the inventor of the stain-proof SmartStrand carpet fibre has put many of our most popular styles on sale; also at a 10% discount. For a fun video showing how SmartStrand carpet stood up against zoo animals have a look at this YouTube video

To qualify, the purchase must be made during the months of April and May, 2019. The sale price cannot be combined with any other offer or sale. 

If you are considering carpet at all this spring, now is the time to take advantage of some real savings! Our showroom is always open from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday and we are located at 110-2270 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver. 


Northern Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

EthicalFlooring is proud to be the exclusive Vancouver-area retailer of Northern Wide Plank engineered hardwood floors. Proudly made in Europe and Canada, this is luxury hardwood flooring at its very best! Visit us online or at our North Vancouver showroom to view the collection.

Northern Wide Plank Homepage



The spaces we inhabit are more than places to live, work and play. They shape our experiences, exemplify our inner esthetic and affect our well being every single day. At Northern our goal is to create the very finest products that have a positive effect on the world and spaces we live in. Our exclusive wood flooring and wall surfaces are at the cutting edge of design and craftsmanship. Transform any design, from residential to commercial, into truly inspirational spaces with any one of Northern’s naturally stunning collections.


Our expertise started in a small wood shop in Toronto nearly 30 years ago. Our growth moved us to Schomberg, ON, a beautiful location with 3 buildings situated on 14 acres. Although surrounded by rolling fields and historical barns, our manufacturing facilities incorporate the latest in advanced production technologies to keep our products on the cutting edge of craftsmanship and quality. Our growth, like our products, is rooted in staying true to our core values; craftsmanship, integrity, exceptional quality and outstanding customer care. Experience Northern’s exclusive collection of wide plank flooring for yourself.

Last Thursday we hosted our annual event at the Toronto studio, with a focus on wood innovations. Over the last few months, we’ve been researching and gathering inspiration to develop and curate new specialty wood flooring concepts that are creative but still align with our brand focus. These include things as simple as taking current colours in our 9″ wide planks and creating xl chevrons to even more complex patterns like pre-finished European oak Versailles panels. We really appreciate all who made it to the day and the creative critique and compliments we received. If you were unable to make it we’re sorry we missed you, but be sure to stop by our Toronto studio where you can still see these creative concepts on display. 


Mirage Hardwood Flooring Sale on Now!

Receive a $0.50 per square foot rebate on any Mirage Hardwood purchased between March 18th and May 11th, 2019. 

Mirage Hardwood floors are consistently ranked as being the best in the business. Made in Quebec by Boa-Franc, they are renowned for their attention to quality. 

Ethical Flooring is a proud supporter of Mirage Hardwood floors. We have a large display showcasing a vast array of floors. Visit us at our North Vancouver showroom, located at 110-2270 Dollartony Hwy.

Shop for Mirage Floors


Since 1983 manufacturer of Mirage hardwood floors Boa-Franc has advocated a management policy based on five fundamental values: passion, innovation, integrity, commitment, and respect.

This philosophy and a deep-rooted commitment to continuous improvement have enabled us to drive our growth through a host of responsible gestures that have made Mirage one of the industry’s most respected brands. Well before protecting the environment ever acquired the urgency it has today, we were already taking concrete steps to protect the natural resources we needed to make our high quality floors. Our corporate values and strategies were geared toward sustainable development from the very beginning. Like you, we are concerned about the planet and its resources, we want to contribute to community economic development, and we are more committed than ever to securing the best possible quality of life for our fellow citizens, today and tomorrow.

Year after year, the spirit that inhabits our company has grown and spread, and today our responsible attitude is shared by our employees and business partners alike. Without the support of all these key players, it would be unthinkable today to speak to you about our progressive approach to sustainable development or hold up Mirage as a responsible brand. We are firm believers in innovation, which is how we develop durable, state-of-the-art products. We are principled in our dealings with our partners and employees. We treat materials with respect, so they will be enjoyed by future generations. And we are committed to providing you with the world’s finest hardwood flooring, flooring that lasts, flooring that gives you the peace of mind that comes from choosing a responsible company.

Join us in bringing pride and conviction to all we do.



Karastan Carpet Sale on Now!

In the market for new carpet? At Ethical Flooring, Karastan wool, SmartStrand and nylon carpets are on sale for the month of March. Save 10% off the regular price of any residential Karastan carpet. Ethical Flooring is your local retail carpet shop, presenting many fine carpets, including Karastan. 

Located at 110-2270 Dollarton Hwy., North Vancouver, we are just a 3-minuted drive over the 2nd Narrows Bridge.

It’s never been about a single pattern or trend. Karastan rugs and carpets are crafted to be timeless pieces that fit perfectly within your home. With inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship, and long-lasting materials, Karastan is made for a life lived beautifully.

Carpet is perhaps the most important element to consider when transforming a living space. It can influence a decorating plan, change the mood of a room, and inspire new ideas. These design tips on carpet color, texture and pattern can help guide you through the decision making process. 

Color sets the mood within a space. That’s why it may be best to start the carpet search by thinking about the purpose of the room. It’s also helpful to consider how you want people to feel when they walk inside. While keeping these things in mind, be aware of the colors that catch your eye in fabrics, paint swatches, and magazines. As you find yourself being drawn to certain shades, make a short list and choose the color you feel best expresses your personal style.

Choosing the right patterns is essential for your decorating plan. It can visually stretch the dimensions of a space, define areas within your home and reinforce a room’s character. For example, carpets in floral, animal prints or geometric patterns can give a room instant personality. As a rule of thumb for patterns, choose a theme and build your plan from there. Your selections of furnishings and accessories should work in tandem with the patterns and colors featured in the carpet.


Vintage Hardwood Flooring – Artistry In Wood

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is synonymous with high-quality, made-in-Canada hardwood floors. Ethical Flooring is proud to be showing a large selection of Vintage Hardwood in our North Vancouver showroom. Visit our showroom or begin the search online at Vintage’s website below:

Vintage Hardwood Flooring Website

Over the past 20 years, Vintage has established itself as a premium Canadian manufacturer of hardwood flooring throughout Canada, the United States and the rest of world.

In 1989, An innovative leader in the prefinished hardwood flooring market, Vintage Hardwood Flooring opened its doors. At that time, the hardwood flooring market was mainly comprised of unfinished strip and plank flooring. With determination and hard work, Vintage soon established a loyal following of hardwood flooring installers and dealers throughout Ontario.

In 1994, Vintage made its debut in the prefinished market offering a 25-year wear warranty with a focus on 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″ Oak and Maple hardwood flooring.

In 1997, Vintage relocated and began to expand the product offering to include other species and wider plank flooring.

In 2009, Vintage relocated to its current manufacturing facility and invested in a state-of-the-art prefinish line to accommodate a growing product line and increased customer demand for new, modern flooring options. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of today’s hardwood flooring trends. As a result, new colors and textures are frequently added to our Vintage product lines.

Using cutting edge technology, Vintage continuously strives to manufacture and market a superior quality product surpassed by none in the industry. The integrity of our wood supply, the expertise of our team, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities support a national distribution network that undoubtedly make Vintage a premier and confident choice for superior prefinished hardwood flooring.

Vintage ensures manufacturing is in compliance with all applicable laws to minimize the harmful effects of manufacturing on the environment. All Vintage finishes are 99% VOC and formaldehyde free.
As we continue to grow, we stand behind these principles.


“Storm” by Northern Wide Plank

One of the most unique hardwood floors available on the market, Storm by Northern Wide Plank is one of kind. Handcrafted in Europe, using multiple steps, including blow-torches, its looks is like nothing else you have ever seen.  We have samples of Storm available to see and lend out at our North Vancouver showroom. 

Expertly crafted to exacting standards, every Exquisite Oak wide plank floor is meticulously finished to ensure an authentic look with the most durable surface. Available in a range of colour treatments from deep black to washed white, Wixom Exquisite floors are designed to evoke a bold sense of time and place.

Storm has a dramatic contrasting look brought out through the application of carefully selected pigments and craftsmanship.

For more information, visit Northern Wide Planks Website



Cork floors have been installed, and loved, throughout the world for decades. At Ethical Flooring we love cork, and have many samples to chose from in our North Vancouver showroom. 

But despite the many recent advances in cork visuals, the look is still not necessarily for everyone. Enter CorkWood from TORLYS. A revolutionary new product which digitally prints a hardwood visual onto a click-together, floating cork floor. You now get the legendary warmth and comfort of a cork floor, but with a more traditional hardwood-look. 

TORLYS continues to be a leader in cork flooring, introducing the revolutionary CorkWood collection. CorkWood is a truly innovative floor that has everything you ever wanted – the beauty of wood, the durability of laminate and the wonderful comfort of cork. CorkWood has been engineered to bring you all the best-liked benefits of other floors in one superior, all-inclusive flooring solution. Now you can experience the beautiful look of and feel of hardwood, without some of its natural limitations.

There is nothing like the welcoming look of hardwood. TORLYS CorkWood is designed with style in mind, featuring on-trend colours and textures in realistic patterns of oak and walnut. It is offered in two stunning collections: CorkWood Designer and CorkWood Elite that feature long and wide planks to create a truly expansive look in any space.

CorkWood is engineered from cork and uses state-of-the-art direct print technology that looks like hardwood and performs like laminate. It has the equivalent of an AC4 laminate wear rating, meaning the floor performs to the same standards as high quality laminates, ensuring it will perform for years to come.

Possibly the best feature of CorkWood is the comfort quotient. The compressed cork top layer along with the CorkPlus™ attached underlay provides a floor that offers the ultimate in comfort, acoustics and warmth. The CorkPlus™ attached underlay is even infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, inhibiting the growth of mould and mildew.

To learn more, visit the TORLYS website 


Forbo Marmoleum

Ethical Flooring loves Marmoleum floors from Forbo!

Did you know we install Marmoleum floors all over the city? We’ve completed installations in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and Vancouver-proper. We have on display in our showroom the Marmoleum CinchLoc (click-together) flooring, the Modular glue-down tiles, as well as the traditional glue-down sheet (roll) products. And best of all, we have highly-skilled installers who can professionaly install it for you. The installation of Marmoleum is becoming a bit of a lost art among today’s floor installer; that is why we are so pleased to have an experienced Marmoelum installer as part of the Ethical Flooring team!

Marmoleum, Forbo’s brand of linoleum, is a natural floor made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content. This makes Marmoleum the sustainable flooring choice.

Natural raw materials

The key raw materials used in the linoleum production include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations and jute, a crop whose fibres provide the material for the membrane onto which the linoleum is calendared.

What makes Marmoleum flooring special is that it is created entirely from raw materials obtained from their natural habitat right where they grow and renew, often in just 12 months time. Jute and flax are annual crops that can be harvested just like wheat or corn. Extracting rosin is a continuous process, while wood flour, a waste material from the timber industry, is derived from European production forests. Limestone is available in abundance.

CO2 neutral floor covering Because of its unique properties, its natural ingredients and its modern manufacturing process, Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral product.

Floor performance in the real world

Topshield2 is a floor finish that we developed specially for our linoleum floor coverings. Topshield2 has been designed as a highly performing finish to create a ‘ready to use’ Marmoleum floor. A floor that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and is even more resistant to dirt pick-up, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains.

The reality of the day-to-day life of a floor is that it encounters both ‘use and abuse’ without being able to balance its performance with a prescribed cleaning and maintenance regime, as in reality, this is not always carried out exactly on time.

The floor needs to withstand the traces of every day use; the weather of the season, the footprints and dirt carried into the building, the scratches and stains occurring by accident as well as the overall retention of the appearance of the floor over time.

Even where every floor starts out as a new floor just after installation, it will need to keep up is performance over a lifetime of many years. Marmoleum has a proven track record and is also now the modern floor for lasting performance: today, tomorrow, forever.

Click here to visit Forbo Marmoleum Website


Self-Levelling Compound- What is it?

On a daily basis, Ethical Flooring is applying self-levelling compound to project sites before the installation our the clients new hardwood, vinyl plank, vinyl tile, laminate, cork and Marmoleum. Our friends from Wikipedia ( have helped out below with some information which clients may find helpful

Self-leveling concrete is polymer-modified cement that has high flow characteristics and, in contrast to traditional concrete, does not require the addition of excessive amounts of water for placement. Self-leveling concrete is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than that of traditional concrete prior to installing interior floor coverings. Self-leveling concrete has increased in popularity as the degree of flatness and smoothness required for floor covering products has increased, with vinyl goods becoming thinner and floor tiles becoming larger, for example.

The term self-leveling was coined in the United States by ARDEX, Inc. in 1978 in reference to their first self-leveling product, ARDEX K 15 Premium Self-Leveling Concrete Underlayment. The term was used to differentiate it from traditional concrete, which is typically stiffer and requires more labor to get it into place and finish with a trowel.

In the category of self-leveling concrete there are two main groups of materials: underlayments and toppings. Underlayments are installed over an existing subfloor to smooth it out and correct any surface irregularities prior to the installation of all types of floor coverings, including sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood, ceramic tile and carpet. Toppings perform a similar function but act as the actual finished floor without the need for a floor covering. Some typical applications for concrete toppings include warehouse floors, light industrial applications, retail stores and institutional facilities. Concrete toppings can also receive pigmented color dyes, stains, saw cuts or mechanical polishing to produce a decorative concrete finished wear surface.
When self-leveling concrete is poured, it has a viscosity similar to pancake batter. A gauge rake is used to move it into place without spreading it too thin. The finishing is then done by lightly breaking the surface tension of the product using a tool called a smoother. The polymers in the self-leveling mix keep the viscosity of the product such that it remains uniform in composition from top to bottom without the sand aggregates sinking to the bottom of the installed layer. The typical installation thickness of these products is about 0.25 inches to ensure there is enough mass present for the material to flow, although some self-leveling products now exist that can be installed at an average thickness of only 0.125 inches.


Our Once-A-Year No GST Sale!

Are you looking to find quality hardwood, carpet, linoleum, cork, laminate or vinyl planking locally in North Vancouver? Do you want a brand-name floor from the likes of Mirage, Kentwood, Kardean, Mannington, Masland and Northern Wide Plank installed in your home? Then now is the time to take advantage of our once-a-year No GST Sale! Sales are a special-event at Ethical Flooring, so if you are thinking about flooring now is the time to take advantage. Click on the banner on the home-page to sign-up for your promo code.