I have never bought flooring before. How does the process work?

Most clients start by visiting our showroom to see our selection of flooring in person. However, if it is more comfortable or convenient for you, you could also email us the details of your project at: quotes@ethicalflooring.com.  Your email will forwarded to one of our professional project managers who will reach out to you to start the conversation.

If you decide to visit us in person, one of our friendly project managers will greet you and discuss your project with you. If you find a floor that interests you, we recommend borrowing the sample and viewing it in the area it will be installed in. If at that point you decide it is “the one”, you can contact your project manager for a quote.

Here the process varies, depending on who will be installing the floor. If you are planning to have one of our professional installers complete the installation, your project manager would make an appointment to come to your jobsite to inspect and measure the area. Within a few days you would receive a detailed quote, with a line-by-line breakdown, of the cost to supply and install the floor.

If however you would like to install the flooring yourself, or you already have an installer you would like to work with, that is fine! If this is the case, it is up to you (or your installer) to provide us with the square footage of material you would like to purchase. At that point we would put together a quote to just supply the flooring material (and any accessories, if needed) to you.

Once you decide you would like to proceed with your quote a contract will need to be signed and a deposit taken. We have arranged it so that both steps can be done from the comfort of your home (or smartphone). Once completed, the flooring will be ordered and an installation date scheduled (if applicable).

How much does a hardwood floor cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer. As with most consumer items, hardwood floors vary in cost substantially. In the Lower Mainland, you can find hardwood floors sold anywhere from $3 to $30 (and above) per square foot. What a range!

We understand that it can be very difficult for the average consumer to navigate all the products available within this price spread. But be assured, together as a team of long-term flooring specialists we have done all the research for you and only offer hardwood flooring brands that can demonstrate that their products: emit very low levels of chemical emissions; exhibit excellent manufacturing techniques; are warranted by a credible organization; and represent superior value for our clients.

We offer floors that meet these four criteria in the luxury segment, the entry-level segment and everything in between. Our experience has taught us however that hardwood floors offered at the very bottom of the price range fail to meet our standards in one or more areas. As such, we do not carry those particular products in our showroom.